Friday, September 19, 2014

Resolving homework problems

Radio Commentary

Homework hassles can often be avoided when parents value, monitor, and guide their children’s work.

But sometimes this help is not enough. Problems can still arise. If they do, teachers, parents, and students may need to work together to resolve them.

You may want to contact the teacher:

  • If your children are unwilling to do their assignments.
  • If the instructions are unclear.
  • If you can’t seem to help your child get organized to tackle the assignments.
  • If neither you nor your child can understand the purpose of an assignment.
  • If the assignments are frequently too hard or too easy.
  • Or if your child has missed school and needs to make up work.

Contact the teacher as soon as you suspect your child has a problem. Give the teacher a chance to work out the issue. Be sure to give the teacher’s suggestions a chance to work.

Approach the teacher with a cooperative spirit, understanding that the teacher wants to help your child, even if you disagree about the method.

It’s easier to solve problems if teachers and parents view each other cooperatively.