Friday, September 5, 2014

Study skills support

Radio Commentary

Researchers agree that parents who coach their children in essential study skills can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Parents can help by having a time and place for designated studies. They should stress the child’s sense of responsibility in completing all assignments thoroughly and accurately.

Some specific skills that parents can support include the following:

  • For time management — help students list goals and schedule deadlines. Discuss ways to maintain that schedule day in and day out, even when other activities seem to interfere.
  • For reference materials and libraries — take children to the library and show them how to find and use the reference materials available. 

Becoming comfortable with a library helps enormously as children’s academic assignments become more complex.

  • For listening skills — children can practice listening to instructions and other verbal messages at home. Remind them that there is a difference between hearing and truly listening.
  • For oral presentations — encourage children to discuss their activities, and practice oral reports at home. 

The more comfortable they become with the techniques of oral presentations at home, the more successful they will be in the classroom when those skills are needed.

Home is where study skills are learned and refined, with parents’ help. Helping children develop these skills will yield lasting, long-term benefits, while helping your children become life-long learners.