Friday, January 20, 2017

Concentration skills

Radio Commentary

Young children’s minds are full of information. This can make their attention span very short.
You can help build their attention span through activities that develop concentration.
You want them to learn how to pick one piece of information from the brain and focus on it. Concentration is key.
First, help your child pay attention to what you say by being very clear and focused when you talk. Look your child in the eye and use simple, direct sentences. Repeat important points several times.
Talk about what happened on a given day. Ask children questions that will help them focus on a specific event.
Have them talk about the event as long as they are able. At first this may be for just a few seconds.
It also helps to read together. Many children will sit to hear a book read aloud even when they won’t sit still for anything else.
When a story is over, ask children questions that will help them concentrate on specific characters or actions.
Finally, use pictures or props to focus a child’s attention. A child will be more interested in talking about a neighbor’s new kitten if you are both looking at a picture of a kitten while you talk.
The most important behavior you can demonstrate during these conversations is patience. Concentration skills can take years to fully develop, but it’s worth the effort.