Monday, January 9, 2017

Enjoying reading

Radio Commentary

It is important that children read well, and also that they like reading.
Experts say the best way parents can encourage this is to read to children often and show how much they enjoy reading themselves.
Start reading when children are very young. Take time to find interesting books. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales are good starters.
Some television shows can be helpful by introducing children to letters and words. However, TV programs generally use sentence structures that are not very complex, which isn’t as useful for learning language patterns.
That is why it’s important to read good literature to children. Children whose parents read to them will often try to read a little on their own or sound out words.
Remember:  There is no precise time or age when children should begin to read on their own.
For most children, reading readiness is a gradual process. It starts when they develop an awareness of print — like print on cereal boxes or store signs. Children want to read when it becomes important to them.
Most children will be more eager to read if they see it is something you enjoy. So set aside time for your own reading and become a good role model for your children.