Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Wipe slate clean

Radio Commentary

Here's a great tip for parents who want to help their children do better as school resumes after the holidays: Begin the new year with a clean slate.
Simply erase anything bad that has happened up to this point.
If your children have faced challenges with studying or doing schoolwork, and if that has been a source of conflict, take time out to offer a “peace treaty,” or give them amnesty.
Have both parties agree to allow those memories to fade away into the past and start fresh.
It might be helpful to meet with your child's teacher and ask him or her to do the same thing.
Coming at a challenge from a different perspective, or without a lot of baggage, can lead to better performance and increased motivation.
Children, like adults, must learn to let go of negative thoughts or experiences and start over with new enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.
There is a feeling of renewal that comes from letting go of previous difficulties, and making peace with the challenges that have to be faced. 
It helps create an attitude that makes real progress possible in the future.