Wednesday, January 4, 2017

School Board Recognition Month

Radio Commentary

January is California School Board Recognition Month.
The state board of education, in extending its wholehearted appreciation to the dedicated individuals who serve on local school boards, cited several aspects of their service.
It acknowledged that an excellent public education system is vital to the quality of life for all California communities.
It pointed out that school board members are locally elected to provide educational leadership and respond to the needs of their communities based on local conditions.
The board cited the fact that school boards are the voice of their communities, serving the interests of students and preparing them for the future. 
It acknowledged that school board members must deal with complex educational and social issues and that they are dedicated to upholding public education policies and principles. 
It also proclaimed that school board members deserve recognition and thanks for their countless hours of service to the students of California’s public schools.
The California public school system is the largest and most diverse in the nation, serving more than 6.2 million students. 
For this reason, the state board joined the entire educational community in encouraging all Californians to thank school board members for all they do for our children and their education.
I invite our community to do the same.