Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Math tips

Radio Commentary

Here are some good math homework tips for parents:
It can be helpful to encourage children to use a daily math assignment book, even if one is not provided at school. Follow the progress your child is making, and check with your child every day about math homework.
Engage in frequent talks with your child’s teacher, especially if you don’t understand the math assignments. Terminology and techniques have evolved over the years, and it’s common for parents to be unfamiliar with the format of a question.
Ask your child’s teacher whether your child is working at grade level and, if not, what can be done at home to help.
If your child needs help, request after-school math support. Sometimes peer tutoring is the most effective, as children often enjoy learning from peers even more than from teachers.
Try to become familiar with how your child is being taught math skills, and resist the temptation to teach strategies or shortcuts that conflict with the approach the teacher is using. Ask your child’s teacher if there are online resources you could use at home.
Math is an essential skill for almost every human endeavor, and parents can be very helpful in enabling their children to master these critical skills. When in doubt, check with the teacher. That’s the best advice of all.