Friday, January 6, 2017

Middle schoolers

Radio Commentary

Middle school students need to know their parents are interested in their academic success, even if the students act as though they don’t care.
They might not tell you — but they do want their parents to offer support and protection, especially when problems arise.
Try these time-tested techniques:
• Talk with your child every day about what happened at school. Find ways to get even a short conversation going about classroom experiences.
• Spend time together. Relax and share a meal or snack. Tell your children often what their strengths are. Most teens need this reinforcement.
• Listen to your child’s worries. Try to point out and emphasize the positive. Support what you think is good about school. If there are concerns, offer to talk with school officials about practices you don’t think are good for your child.
• Don’t scold and argue when your child brings home bad news. Instead, listen to your child’s reasoning and help brainstorm ways to improve the situation.
Always let your children know you believe they can be successful. Such confidence can be contagious.
• Show that you value education by encouraging homework, and reading, above everything else.
Help your children pick a good time and place to study. Make sure they have everything they need — materials and your unconditional support.